We partner with TXTOmedia

TXTOmedia technology is there to transform
written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides, interactive product models and content for AR & VR.

TXTOmedia vision:

TXTOmedia believes in the power of rich media for support purposes. We believe that audiences prefer to watch a video or engage in a 3D animation instead of reading a paper manual.

Once installed and integrated to our technology, we belief that existing mostly text-based technical documentation, stored in a wide variety of document management systems can be transformed into video, 3D animations and augmented reality applications automatically.

TXTOmedia mission:

TXTOmedia enables organizations to capitalize on their existing text-based support content, turning it into rich media in an automated way. 

TXTOmedia focusses on the enterprise B2C manufacturing industry, like electronic firms, software vendors, and automotive brands.
Our goal is to (co)develop technology to hand consumers and maintenance engineers the best possible experience while using, studying, and servicing products.