Enhance Delivery

Global Content Solutions — create intelligent content and enhance its delivery

Sophisticated management and processing of structured content makes XDocs a natural fit for industries with complex documentation needs. Bluestream have been working with manufacturing companies for many years and understand the unique challenges faced. We know manufacturers rely on multiple systems such as SAP, Siemens Teamcenter, Oracle, Windchill, CAD, ERP and PLM applications. With XDocs Manufacturing Suite you can connect all these systems and create Maintenance Schedules, IPCs (Illustrated Parts Catalogs), IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) and more.

You can also import, index and curate non XML files including legacy documents such as PDFs. This puts all of your content in a single location and opens the opportunity for powerful delivery options including Interactive Service Delivery Portals.

XML separates content from format and enables COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere). Once written the same content can be transformed into multiple formats including PDF for print, XHTML, WebHelp etc. for online. Creating content in DITA (Topics) lets you reuse that content for different products and across different publications. This also makes updating content much simpler as you only need to do it in one place.