Author Assistance, Create

Produce high quality Content consistent, accurate and in one tone of voice 

Author assistance is supposed to do what the name promises, namely to assist authors in the company in their daily work. The software should neither disrupt existing workflows nor constrain the author in his work.

For many, writing good texts is a challenge—and even more so under time pressure.

No matter whether there are three, ten, hundred, or thousands of people who create content,  make sure that the content meets high standards in terms of quality, consistency, and brand conformity.

Every day, corporate content is prepared by various people, each of whom has a different style. At times, conflicting information is published on different channels. This can impair the trust of the target audience and thus weaken the brand. The problem is amplified by the growing amount of content on various channels.

Put an end to the proliferation of content. With author assistance, you can easily convey a consistent brand image and statement.

The impact of content wording can be evaluated with the help of neurolinguistic criteria. To ensure psychological acceptance of information, content authors must deliver convincingly worded texts.