Watch instead of read, Publish

TXTOmedia, transform written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides and interactive content for Online

  • Automate Video Creation, and Personalized Media at Scale
  • Transform current, existing, content into Video, Sliders and Maps

  • Empower your 'How to' Content, to influence customer journey
  • Optimize the Experience based on your existing Content 

The same source content behind Paper Manuals, PDF-files and HTML-support, is now used for automatically generated How-to Videos, Slides with Voice support

TXTOmedia technology transforms written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides, interactive product models, and content for AR & VR

TXTOmedia believes in the power of rich media for support purposes. We believe that audiences prefer to watch a video or engage in a 3D animation instead of reading a paper manual.

Once installed and integrated to our technology, we belief that existing mostly text-based technical documentation, stored in a wide variety of document management systems can be transformed into video, 3D animations and augmented reality applications automatically.