Signifikant is an end-to-end business solution platform for the aftermarket, that helps companies seamlessly consolidate product information and effectively present it. The solution automates the entire process of data collection and validation, creation and management of aftermarket sales and service.

With the Signifikant Platform, companies can quickly bring products to the market, improve cross sell and up-sell to both end-customers and distributors.

From consulting to technical documentation and temporary support, to visionary implementation. NINEFEB accompanies you the whole way.

The NINEFEB Group offers service at all levels, working with highly skilled, competent, experienced, flexible teams.

TXTOmedia supports organizations to automatically create how-to videos at scale with technology that makes automated video creation and its maintenance a reality. TXTOmedia’s technology is the smartest way to create how-to videos in high volumes by automatically transforming Structured Content into localized, dynamic videos, interactive media, and more.

Define your goals using our electronic style guide. Achieve your goals while being supported by Congree's linguistic intelligence. Wherever content is created. Evaluate the results and analyze which goals you have achieved and where things might be even better.