COVID 19, Social Distancing and Technical Service

text by Harald Stadlbauer, Ninefeb

Over the past few weeks, COVID 19 has been the predominant issue around the whole world. The only strategy to cope with it seems to be social distancing. The curve above explains the effects of social distancing on the expected spread of the virus over time. But what does all this mean in regard to technical service and the availability of service personnel? How long will it be until we all can go back to normal? Some experts are talking about a period of up to five months.

When production and sales of machinery are stopped, service remains the only source of revenue. It is thus vital for B2B customers that their machines continue production.

But what if there is a technical problem and service personnel is forced to keep a physical distance? How do your customers keep their machinery running and what happens to your service revenues?

How can you best provide service information in the face of COVID 19 and the requirement of social distancing? How can you ensure the availability of remote service support? What is necessary to meet the requirements of existing maintenance contracts?

Ninefeb adapted their iNEED service information structuring method to deal with the most pressing problems regarding remote service guidance and can now provide task-specific information packages based on your existing documentation quite easily. You can choose among many formats and forms of delivery, ranging from classic pdfs to online portals and mobile apps.

With this extra service, you can demonstrate flexibility and creativity even in the most challenging situations.

Feel free to contact me for further information on this visionary approach to customized information provision.